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Efficient and streamlined management of chargeback claims

Across industries, manufacturers follow the common practice of offering special pricing agreements to distributors to win business and compete for market share. This often means that the distributor ends up selling inventory for less than they originally paid for it, and to recover margins, it is critical that they efficiently ‘chargeback’ that cost delta to the vendor.

Managing the high volumes that run through these special pricing programs requires a solution that is tightly integrated with a company’s existing systems, resulting in the visibility that is critical to obtaining maximized profitability.

Special Pricing and Chargeback Management for D365 is a comprehensive system that was developed with these pain points in mind. It is an affordable, manageable and supportable enterprise solution.

Inside SalesInside Sales

Automated Order ManagementAutomated Order Management

Special Pricing and Chargeback ManagementSpecial Pricing and Chargeback Management

Billback ManagementBillback Management

Vyas Advanced Intuitive Pricing for D365Vyas Advanced Intuitive Pricing for D365

Vyas truly cared about providing excellent service throughout our project. Working closely with our project team allowed them to thoroughly understand our business requirements. Their project manager and development team provided us with solutions to challenges that helped deliver an excellent end product for our business.

Phil Bickler

Information Technology Director, Virtual Supply